Selling on Google Shopping

Ease the process of registering your business on Google by integrating your online catalog and your products will update automatically.

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On Kyte

  1. On Kyte app 📱

    • Go to the Online Catalog menu

    • Access Social Media & Other

    • Tap Integrate with Partners

  2. On the Kyte Web 🖥️

    • If you are on the web version of Kyte

    • Access the Settings menu

    • Enter Integrations

  3. On Google, click Shopping

  4. Click the Copy the link to integrate

  5. And Access Google Shopping to go to Google Merchant Center

On Google Merchant Center

Registering your business

  1. Access your Google account, if you don't already have one, create it here

  2. Provide basic data about your business

  3. Agree to the Merchant Center's terms of service

  4. Click Create Account

Connecting your store

  1. Fill in the details requested during your store registration in detail

    ⚠️ Make sure all information is registered, as Google carries out a detailed check and your ads will not be authorized if there are discrepancies between the registration and what is offered in the Kyte online catalog.

  2. Choose your store published in the Kyte catalog, if you have more than one store registered in the Merchant Center

  3. Click Add

Checking your company details

  1. Follow the steps to validate data so that your products can be advertised on Google Shopping

  2. Enter your business address

  3. Offer a phone number to confirm your identity

  4. Link your Kyte online catalog link, it will be verified and claimed

  5. Provide shipping details

Adding your products

  1. Select the Add products with a file option

  2. Paste the link copied in Kyte, it is the link to your online catalog with /feed/google at the end

  3. Click Continue

  4. The process will start immediately and may take longer if there are many products

  5. To learn more about errors or fixes suggested by Google, click Requires Attention

  6. You will also have access to this data in the All Products tab of the Products menu

  7. Make the necessary corrections and request an analysis of your products, the results will appear in the Overview menu

    ⚠️ To prevent fraud Google performs a detailed check of your data, so we suggest informing the return and refund details practiced by your store in the extra information field of your Kyte app.

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