Selling on Facebook

See how you can take advantage of Facebook's Business Manager to advertise your store and increase your sales.

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Take advantage of Facebook's advertising tools by integrating your Kyte store into your business account!

⚠️ See what changed on the availability of this resource both on Facebook and Instagram here. For configurations, specific fixes and more information, contact Meta support.

In your Kyte

For your products to be advertised on Facebook, they must be registered in your Kyte account, with updated stock and available for purchase.

Integrating your Kyte catalog

  1. Click + Add Catalog to start the process

  2. Select E-Commerce as your business type

  3. Use the Upload product information option

  4. Name your catalog however you like

  5. Click Finish

  6. Click View Catalog to access the data entry process

  7. Choose Data Sources and repeat your choice on the next page

  8. Select Scheduled feed

  9. In the URL field enter your Kyte catalog with /feed/facebook at the end of the link, for example:

  10. Schedule how often Facebook will access Kyte data

  11. Name the data source

  12. Select the currency used in the online catalog to complete feed setup

    ⚠️ Data loading may take longer if your online catalog has a large number of products. Any problems that arise will be highlighted in the summary. Click Download report to see more details.

Confirming your catalog domain

  1. Enter the Brand Safety menu

  2. Select the Domains option

  3. Click Add

  4. Paste your catalog URL with just your company name and, remove the https:// and the last /, for example:

  5. Click Add

  6. Select the option Upload an HTML file in your root directory

  7. Click on Verify Domain

    ⚠️ If the Verify Domain button does not appear, zoom out the screen, you can return it to 100% after validation.

  8. Click Finish to complete the process

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