Selling on Instagram

See how you can take advantage of Instagram Shopping to advertise your store and increase your sales.

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Take advantage of the Instagram advertising tools to promote your products and increase your store's visibility!

⚠️ See what changed on the availability of this resource both on Facebook and Instagram here. For configurations, specific fixes and more information, contact Meta support.

On Instagram

For the feature to be available on Instagram, you need to register your Kyte account in Facebook Business Manager. See here how to do this process.

  1. Create an account if you don't already have one

  2. From the home screen, choose the Profile tab

  3. Tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner

  4. Go to Settings

  5. Enter Company

  6. Select Set up Instagram shopping

    ⚠️ This option will be available only after validation by Meta of the integration process with your Facebook store, so it may not appear immediately.

  7. Follow the requested steps and wait for the analysis result

If your request is refused

Your account will be reviewed by Instagram under the Commerce Eligibility Requirements.

  1. Disconnect your Instagram profile from your Facebook page and Business Manager

  2. Remove Kyte catalog integration with Business Manager

  3. Return your Instagram profile to a personal profile

  4. Select the Shop template for your Facebook page

  5. Add Buy Now button to Facebook page redirecting to Kyte catalog

  6. Revert your Instagram profile to a professional profile

  7. Redo the integration of the Kyte catalog with the Facebook store

  8. Reconnect your Instagram profile with your Facebook page

  9. Request a new analysis

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