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Setting up Order Food on Facebook
Setting up Order Food on Facebook

Take advantage of the Meta integration to enable orders coming directly from your Facebook and Instagram business page.

Updated over a week ago

⚠️ This integration is currently unavailable. To avoid missing out on sales, try our other integration process and set the action button to Start Order on your Facebook page.

Check before integrating

For all features to be available, you must have a business account on both Facebook and Instagram. Once the two profiles are created, you need to link them to each other so that the Order Food buttons appear on both.

  1. Enter the Page Settings

  2. Click on the Instagram menu

  3. Add the profile that changed from personal to business

  4. Don't forget to confirm the information once the link has been made

Enabling the integration in your Kyte app

  1. Once the profiles are synced, access the Kyte's Online Catalog menu

  2. Click Integrating with Partners

  3. Your access will be redirected to your Facebook account

  4. Select the business accounts and follow the configuration steps

  5. The integration may take a few seconds to process but when completed a confirmation screen will appear in your Kyte app

Resources available in the integration

Disabling the integration

  1. Access the Online Catalog menu

  2. Click Integrating with Partners

  3. And then on Uninstall Integration

  4. Confirm the cancellation and wait for it to be processed

    Once completed, the buttons will be removed from their profiles but their access to other Meta tools will remain active. The integration can be reactivated whenever you want just follow the same process as the first time.

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