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How do I bring my business to Kyte?
How do I bring my business to Kyte?
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If you are coming from another platform or already have a website for your shop, we can help you with the transfer!

Create an account in Kyte

The system will guide you through the process but it is a very simple one and it can be done both on the app or the web.

Register your information

Create personalized logins for each person on your team, register the information about your business, upload your products with stock detail and your customer base. If you want to speed up this process, use the bulk uploading resources in the web version of Kyte.

Personalize your online catalog

When creating your Kyte account you get access to an online catalog that also works as a shop on our domain for free. If you already have a website for your business, you can redirect your customers using your domain provider's 301 redirect function.

Share your shop using social media

Kyte has a number of integrations available to help you advertise better and expand the reach of your business online. Now that your shop is up and running just wait for the orders to come in so you can interact with your customers!

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